Herfstvakantie: 2018

The fall break starts in 2 days for most kids in North Brabant. That means a whole week entertaining the kids. Luckily there is no shortage of activities and places to let them run off their energy.


Within the center of Eindhoven the Library is going to be your best bet. There is

There is nothing like fall in Holland!

something for the kids to do every day. We are particularly excited about Thursdays event. A meet and greet with Elsa and Anna but there are fun things to do throughout the week for all age groups.

A little further out in Wiltelre you can take the kids on a kabouter hunt! Kabouters are little gnome people that live in the forest. Bosschuur de Meren sets up a magical path through the woods with little houses and other evidence of their fun.

In Best you can take the kids to Pumpkin Days. I havent’t been yet but it’s on my list for the fall break. Apparently you can pick out pumpkins for decorating and cooking. There are crafts and workshops for the kids. Should be fun.

  • Here is their website (sorry it’s in Dutch) I’ll try to check it out early in the week and report back. Pompoenerie Best

If you are looking to go a bit further out for a grand adventure the zoo in Amersfort is hosting special Dino Days during the break. I haven’t been but my son is slightly obsessed with dinosaurs so it caught my eye. We have year passes to Dierenrijk: Nuenen so it is really hard to justify spending money to go to another zoo but I may make an exception for this.


If I come across other special activities that look interesting I’ll add it in. Honestly there are probably loads. I saw that the Maritime Museum in Rotterdam had some special events on for the week and I assume that most of the “Kid Proof” museums will be doing something special.

There are also plenty of local options that aren’t specific for the break.

In Veldhoven there is our go-to indoor playplace Ballorig. Always a safe bet and easy to reach by public transport. Warning, though: I would always try to avoid Ballorig during holidays when my kids were super little because it would get so busy and I had trouble keeping up with them.  Once they were able to really run on their own it got easier.


This is also a perfect time of the year to visit Zoo Veldhoven. The indoor play area gets really hot during the summer but right now will be perfect.


If you are looking to beyond the area there are LOADS of options. I’ll link a few of my favorites but my blog is full of them. And every break I try to go somewhere new, I’m thinking a water park. Now that my son is in swim lessons he is constantly asking to go swimming. Normally I take them to our sports club or the local pool Zwembad Den Ekkerman: Veldhoven but I’m thinking I would go a little fancy.  Geesh, my kids are spoiled!!!

Billy Bird: Hemelrijk

Monkey Town: Valkenswaard

Kinderboerderij De Hazewinkel

Enjoy the break. If you find any other fun things please share!!!

Bosschuur de Meren

Slow Cooker Sweet Potato, Carrot and Red Lentil Soup

This particular morning was a bit of a shit show. Not a “scream at the kids because they won’t put shoes on, end up late for school and realize I’ve forgotten the backpacks” level shit show thankfully, though those mornings happen. Mostly the kids just required my full attention this morning. We were at school on time with no screaming from mommy, but Iimg_20180927_085945 wasn’t able to do anything else I normally do. I came home from drop off to a disaster of a kitchen, night clothes scattering the floor and the contents of yesterdays backpack on the table.

I also had the very annoying realization that I had nothing ready for dinner and I would have no time to prepare anything. I had agreed to represent Eindhoven News at the Eindhoven Library on Thursdays so my day was full.  I had a parent teacher conference after school and I spoke at a Braincandies event later. I had about an hour in between to get the kids settled and fed and make myself look presentable. So that left me with about an hour this morning to get things sorted.

I’m not going lie, I kinda panicked. My first thought was premade poffertjes. Fortunately, I realized that I had everything I needed to make my sons favorite soup. He calls it the “orange soup”, and for good reason. It’s sweet potato, carrot, red lentil. and some spices. I also put in onion, garlic and the juice of half a lemon.

I don’t usually measure soups out but this morning I made a bit more of an effort because I was planning on writing this.

I used:

  • one large sweet potato
  • 6 big carrots
  • 3 small onions
  • 2 (ish) cups of red lentils


Really, don’t overthink it. It’s going to be delicious.

I cut everything up and toss it in. Cover it with water. The amount of water takes some getting used to because if you don’t put in enough the vegetables will absorb it all and nothing will cook properly but if you add to much then it will be really thin and runny. My general rule is to add enough water to cover everything and then about an inch on top. If you have the opportunity to check in on it during the day you can always add more water if needed.

As for seasoning I like to use a curry powder. For some reason when I think red lentils curry powder goes with it naturally. No clue why, but it works. I also add cumin and coriander. Lots of salt. I don’t add to much of each because my son doesn’t like foods that taste of much. He generally likes things pretty bland. I always have extra salt and hot sauce on hand. I would say about 2 tablespoons of each to start.

So what does your delicious soup look like when you come home?


Well, if you are like me on this particularly hectic day it looks raw. I, apparently, forgot to turn it on.


Luckily it’s not meat so nothing in it will get gross sitting at room temperature all day. Also luckily, kinda, the kids had parties at school and were full of cupcake so they didn’t really want dinner anyways. Fruit for dinner!!!

Don’t judge.

So I turned on the crock pot before I left for my event. Double check, yes it’s on..

I came home and the house was starting to smell amazing. I let it cook on low though the night. My crock pot will automatically switch to a “warm” mode after the preset time is up and that’s super handy.

I woke up to a pot full of happy!

I woke up to some amazing soup.

I used my stick blender to make sure everything was nice and smooth.

My kids have a half day Friday so we had the soup for lunch. As expected, I needed to add some salt and hot sauce. You can also add extra seasoning at the end but put it in a little at a time and give it a moment and then put more in. As my chef mentor always said, you can always add but you can never subtract.

This soup is a staple at my house. My son doesn’t like soup “with bits in” so no chunky vegetable soup for us although sometimes he will eat chili. Plus these are ingredients that I have on hand and you don’t have to be worried about amounts of anything really. More carrots, more sweet potato, regular potatos that need to get used, whatever, toss it in.  This literally takes me about 10 minutes to get ready. It’s going to cook all day and get blended later so you can leave everything in big chunks so it is super quick with little clean up. Week night dinner for the win!



Hoeve de Nachtegaal: Wintelre

As anyone who follows me on FB or Instagram knows, we spend a ton of time at Bosschuur De Meren. It’s a great nature reserve in Wintelre with a water pump, sand pile and lots of nature. We love it there and go generally once a week when the weather gets nice. But, good or bad, Boschuur comes with an added ritual: ice cream on the way home at Hoeve de Nachtegaal: Wintelre. The kids call it “the cow place” and its not hard img_20180718_144028to understand why. It’s a little dairy. I think. It’s a bit unclear, honestly. But they have lots and lots of cows…..

It’s actually a really cute little cafe with an indoor and outdoor play area so it’s good in any weather. My kids love it there and it has become our post Boschuur ritual. There is a really cool playground outside with play equipment, a trampoline and a wooden play house. Slides are set into the little hill and there are plastic trucks and such. Lately there has been a bouncy castle outside on pretty days.  It’s awesome, but the play ground is plenty even when it isn’t up. There is lots of outside seating so on pretty days I sit outside and have a glass of wine or a beer and the kids play and have an ice cream.

On really pretty days I generally tell the kids that they are to dirty to play inside. This probably isn’t true but on pretty days they should play outside, damn it! This is the Netherlands! It’s pretty for like 3 weeks!

I have brought the kids here for a play on not so pretty days as well. On these days we play in the indoor play area. It is upstairs from the main cafe seating. There is only one large table so if there is more than one family there it can get a little cozy, but it has img_20180718_142020always been fine. I have never been there with more than one family. There is a little ball pit, cars, a play store, bins of toys, that sort of thing. You can sit up there and eat but tell the waitress that that is the plan because they won’t just come up and check on you. Also upstairs is a little room with a big window overlooking the cows. The kids think its great. I think it smells like cow and I’m glad there is a heavy door protecting me from the smell.img_20180718_141336

The menu: So it’s pretty basic and totally Dutch. I think most of their business is from old people and selling kids ice cream so it’s not much of a surprise. They have a brie, honey and walnut sandwich that I really enjoy, it’s an open faced number best eaten with a fork. I am also fond of the cheese and pesto sandwich, sounds weird but it’s really good. I love the fact that they don’t have chicken nuggets and fries on the menu, it kinda forces my kids to eat something new. They have sausage rolls (worstenbroodje) and grilled cheese/grilled ham and cheese (tosti) for the kids. Pro tip: on the menu there is a “maxi tosti”, this is three halves of a grilled cheese sandwich. that’s perfect for my 2 kids because neither will rarely eat a whole one. We don’t often eat here, honestly. Only  when we have spent a super long day at Boschuur and I either don’t have the time or motivation to cook a dinner. Or if my kids eat all the food I packed and are still hungry. Generally we go for the ice cream. It’s really good ice cream!

The staff is always super friendly. They have always been very tolerant of my crazy dirty and often shoe less kids running through the place to get to the indoor play area. The ice cream is in a cooler by the door so that’s super easy as well.

It’s a very pretty area. It’s really popular to do a cycle tour of the area and this is a great stop. I would go without the kids for a quite cup of coffee. Who am I kidding, I don’t cycle for fun and I’m far more likely to have a glass of wine than a coffee but go for it. It is a nice place.


Some Helpful Information:

  • This is the website (sorry, it’s in Dutch): Hoeve de Nachtegaal
  • This is their address: Merenweg 1A, 5513 NZ Wintelre
  • There is free parking on site. The parking lot is kida confusing the first time. There is a little building at the road next to the car park. there is a sneaky exit just behind it. It’s hard to explain but you will get it when you get there. I’ve seen some interesting things from people trying to get out of that car park.
  • They aren’t open in the evenings but the hours can change depending on the season.


Looking for some other places with both indoor and outdoor options?

Zwembad Den Ekkerman: Veldhoven

All of a sudden my kids LOVE to swim. They have always enjoyed swimming but before it was mostly playing in the water. Since my son began swim lessons swimming has gotten much more important. He has confidence now and loves practicing what he has learned img_20180721_151254in class. Zwembad Den Ekkerman is a great little pool in Veldhoven. It is our favorite place for a swim outing. My kids like it because there is a lot to do there, slides and fountains and such. I like it because it it relatively small and I can see the entire pool from any spot. And it’s close to where I live, this helps.

There are 3 pools in the complex. A small pool used for swim lessons, a large pool used more for sport (they do have a diving board if that’s something you are into), and the recreational pool. This is the one that I’m going to write about because it is the one to take the kids.

Can I take a moment to complain about swimming? It’s not that I hate swimming, I just don’t enjoy swimming. We spent a lot of time in lakes when I was a child but never in a pool. I think I went to the local swimming pool twice in my life and it was with a friends family both times. It’s just not something we did. And the fact that I never learned to swim doesn’t help. Que all the Dutchies gasping in horror (to all my non Dutch friends, I’ll explain later.), my school took us for a few hours of swim lessons one afternoon but I learned how to float and tread water. I can doggie paddle like a pro but I never learned to swim. We have a much more “well, she probably wont die” stance when it comes to swimming than Dutchies.  But, despite my dislike of all things swimming, I take them as regularly as I can stomach. I smile and play keep my thoughts on that beer that is waiting for me at the end. Hey, I totally earned it! Ans since Den Ekkerman is within walking distance from my house I can even have two!

img_20180721_151314Honestly, Den Ekkerman makes taking the kids swimming a bit easier. Like I have said, it’s not a very large pool so I can see everywhere. They manage to pack a lot of fun into that space, however. There are 2 fountains, a ledge that bubbles come out of, and a lazy river style bit, a whirl pool, and a bit with super big bubbles that come out of the wall. I feel like I’m not describing things very well. Am I making sense? Bit with bubbles? I’m sure it’s fine.   They are on a rotation so only one “special thing” is going at a time. It’s so fun to see the the kids realize that there is something new and they all  rush over. “THE BUBBLES ARE BACK!!” That sort of thing.

There is also a really fun tube slide. It’s actually pretty big and spirally, it even goes outside the building. It ends in a little pool dedicated to the slide. I said fun. If you are into this sort of thing it is fun. I, however, am not. Like I said, I’m not a huge fan of swimming in general and slides are the worst! My son loves them but isn’t old enough to go on his own so it’s a full day of “mommy, will you take me on the big slide?”. “Sure sweets, there is nothing I would rather do” gggrrrrrrrrr….. But it’s cool, anything for the kids, right?



There is also a small baby pool with little water features. It’s really cute and perfect for little kids to play on their own.

Another nice thing about Den Ekkerman in the little indoor play area. I don’t know of another pool that has one. There are those giant Lego blocks and some other play things. It’s nice to let the kids take a break from swimming and they can still play with something.

The play area and the little pool are next to the seating area. There are plastic picnic tables and chairs. They are generally stacked up at the back wall and you can grab a table and as many chairs as you need.

Food: There is a small shop that sells some snack foods and drinks. I have always brought my own food and drinks when I take the kids swimming. It is permitted to bring in outside food unless its a birthday party.

Speaking of practical stuff: changing rooms. I seriously don’t know whats worse, getting the kids into their swim stuff or getting them out of them after a day of fun. Seriously, it’s like trying to put clothes on a hyperactive monkey. There are a few changing options. There are large family changing rooms. They are open to everyone and there is no lock so be prepared to share. There are different rooms for men and women, though. There are also small private rooms. When I say “small” I mean it. These are very typical in pools in The Netherlands. I can fit in with my two small kids no problem, though. There are lockers you can rent near the dressing rooms if you are so inclined but I’ve never bothered. There are baby changing tables in the family changing rooms and also by the pool.

So changing with the baby can be intimidating. Here is how I used to manage it. I would keep the little in the stroller while I changed then take the whole thing to a table next to the pool. Then I would change the baby at the changing table there. When we were done swimming I would change the baby back into their clothes and strap them back into the stroller and we would go into a dressing room and I would change into my dry clothes. It is so much easier this way. No one has ever minded me bringing the stroller poolside, just make sure that the wheels are mostly clean.

After taking the kids swimming I always feel like parent of the year. Seriously, I deserve a beer! Just next to the pool is a cafe called Brasserie Ludiek: Veldhoven that we go to for a beer for me and an ice cream for the kids. It’s a nice tradition.

There are a lot of pools in the area but this is my favorite. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Some Helpful Info:

  • This is the address: Wal 152, 5501 HP Veldhoven
  • This is the website, Dutch and English is available: Den Ekkerman
  • Their opening times are kinda weird. Wednesday is the only week day they are open in the morning. Generally they are open in the afternoon and close and reopen in the evening. Saturdays they are open in the afternoon and Sundays till 4:00. The hours change during school breaks. I really recommend checking the website before you go.
  • There is payed parking very close.
  • Kids in The Netherlands are required to wear floaties unless they have their  swim diploma so don’t forget to get your child a pair. You can also buy them at reception if you forget.
  • I haven’t ran into any member of the staff that didn’t speak English so if you have any problems or questions don’t hesitate to ask.
Such tired Kids!


Looking for other places to take the kids swimming?


Sterren Strand: Eersel


Witven Lake and Beach: Veldhoven

Billy Bird: Hemelrijk

Speeltuin de Kievit: Nuenen

Klimbim: Waalre

Klimbim: Waalre is a great little park. It feels very mishmashed but I think that’s why my kids love it so much. It’s like they started with any and all playground equipment they could find and went from there. The stuff ranges from vintage play, to wooden and natural to shiny new. All in one space. It’s really something special.

The main center of the park consists of a sand pit and a tiny house. They have lots of plastic sand toys scattered about so there is no need to pack anything extra. Then there are all the random play equipment. Slides, see saws (whip whap in Dutch) climbing structures, you name it and they have got it. There are also some wooden play houses and climbing structures. These are my favorites. They look slightly old and so well loved. They are great for imagination based play, my kids had a sand ice cream shop there at one time. On the other side at the back there is a super huge climbing structure with tube slides. Like I said, anything and everything.

The best thing about this park is that it feels great to be there. It is a play sanctuary in the middle of the woods. It’s completely fenced in with only one exit so it is really safe and it is tucked away in the forest so you get the feel of nature. They have also kept a lot of trees inside the park so there is plenty of lovely shade. I just love the feeling and the atmosphere.

It is a pay park. It costs one Euro per person. Totally worth it, in my opinion. There are clean toilets, and a fence so I don’t have to worry about the kids wandering off. That’s not so much of a problem now but last summer it was. My kids were 2 1/2 and 5 so I didn’t have to follow them around but I did have to keep track of them. I have reached that amazing period where my kids love parks but are completely free to roam on their own and I know that if they need me they will find me. I can ***GASP*** read a book! Don’t worry, it will happen to you as well. Be patient. Your days of lounging around will come. You will have to continue being a full time snack bitch, that will never end….. but, anyways. We accept our fate as moms.

I will say that unless your super little kid likes playing in the sand, this is not the best img_20180502_171158place for kids who have just started to walk. There isn’t an awful lot for little kids to do. I found that this park was perfect when my kid was crawling because anything was awesome and then again when they were really sure footed and could walk well and maybe even climb a bit. Well, maybe a more fair thing to say is that you will have to follow your kid around all day and watch them get really frustrated. But the sand bit is really nice so maybe your little will love it. Give it a try.

Klimbim is a really nice park and I really recommend it. Even on the hottest of days it is really nice because of all the shade. Check it out, I think you will love it!


Some helpful information:

  • This is their website (sorry it is in English); klimbim
  • This is the address: Eikenlaan 11, 5581 HA Waalre
  • There is some parking but on street free parking all around the park
  • The opening time changes depending on the season. generally spring and summer it is open most days in the afternoon and all day weekends, during summer break it is open all day most days. Make sure you check the website before you head out if you are unsure
  • It is one Euro per person to get in. In my experience there are a group of volunteers sitting at the building to the left and you pay them. Don’t worry, they are super chill old dudes. They may or may not speak much English but they are always nice and friendly. Best to pay them on the way in.
There is totally not wine in the plastic cup 😉


Brasserie Ludiek: Veldhoven

I generally avoid going out to eat with the kids because it just isn’t fun. I spend the entire meal trying to keep them calm and entertained so they don’t annoy everyone. Luckily, though, in the Eindhoven area there is no shortage of nice places to eat that have a play space for the kids. Brasserie Ludiek: Veldhoven is a really nice option. Well, now it is. To be honest I always felt it was fine. It was convenient for me as I live very close. It had a small play area. The food was decent. Like I said it was fine. Nothing to complain about but not much to draw me there. I would have lunch there occasionally if I had the kids around. It is very close to the local swimming pool so we would often stop by and I would enjoy a beer while the kids had an ice cream. It’s wasn’t somewhere I would go without the kids and it was never my first choice even with them.

I’m so happy I ventured in last week with my daughter! It was her last day of preschool img_20180705_114842and I wanted to take her out for a girly lunch to celebrate but I didn’t really want to very far. It wasn’t going to be as nice as I would have like but, you know, fine. It has been remolded and now it looks great! Open and modern and cozy feeling. Gezzellig as the Dutch say. It’s a hard one to translate, like a warm and cozy feeling. Things can be gezellig, gatherings, or places can all be described in this way. If you go to a Dutch persons house for any reason, call it gezellig. Instant smile. Your welcome.

img_20180705_130955That got away from me there.

So, back to Ludiek.

New and open. They changed the play area and it’s now a little house with a TV inside. OK, so it’s not the grandest but it works. It’s just inside to the right. Generally the tables just around it are occupied by the parents of the small kids. This is really perfect because the kids aren’t generally having to run through the place.

If you sit to the back you should be able to enjoy your meal or a cup of coffee relatively kid free.  This little area was perfect for my nearly 4 year old but I’m not so sure about my 6 year old, although he does love his TV. Just out the back and across the bike path there is a playground. I could easily sit at the back or on the patio and the kids play outside in the park, no problem. It’s pretty perfect, actually.

The food: This is another great improvement. The menu is really great. There is something vegetarian on nearly every page. I would always get the goat cheese salad but they added a vegetable wrap that was so delicious! Riley had a pancake and they even have cucumber on the menu so, of course, my daughter had to have a side of cucumber. If you aren’t familiar with Dutch pancakes they are more like a crepe. The best way to eat one is to roll it on the plate and cut it into sections. Its like Dutch class today! Perhaps I should add a section on the blog: Culture Shock Dutch Style…. HHHMMMM..

Again, that got away from me there….

Their signature dish is a monster hamburger. I don’t eat meat but I asked the manager if I could take a picture of one for the blog and he agreed. I kinda felt a little weird doing it but it occurred to me that not everyone is a vegetarian (shocker, right!) and that maybe a pic of their signature dish was a good idea. The manager was a really good sport about it all. So was the waitress, I asked to speak to a manager and had to say “everything is great, I’m not going to complain”…. I have worked in horeca (Dutch for service industry) and I know how stressful it is for someone to ask for the manager. Everyone was super nice.

On this particular day we finished our meals and Riley went off to play some more. She was so happy that I drank a beer and read until it was time to walk home and pick up my son at school. It was great!

So check it out. It’s in City Passage, the little mall in the Veldhoven city center. There are img_20180705_114739also some cool shops so have a look around.  This is what it looks like from the outside. There is also plenty of seating here.

The staff is super friendly and everyone I spoke to spoke English with little or no problem. Honestly, I would go there for a lunch or dinner even without the kids. I just can’t get over the change. They did an amazing job!

Some helpful info:

  • This is their website: Brasserie Ludiek
  • This is the address: Meent 36 (city passage), 5501 JK Veldhoven. Like I said it is inside the little mall so park at one of the lots.
  • There is plenty of paid parking around the city center
  • Brarrerie Ludiek is a really great place for people with diet restrictions. The have loads of gluten free and lactose free options. If you have trouble just ask and they will be very willing to answer any questions.



Gouden Woud: Liempde

Gouden Woud: Liempde is a cool place for indoor and outdoor fun. We spent a great afternoon there last week. At first glance it’s not all that exciting, honestly. There are bigger play places around. I knew my kids would have fun, but they always do. They are pretty easy like that. We got in and off they ran while I found a table.  I was really surprised by how much fun Guoden Woud actually is.


The indoor play space is much bigger that it looks from the tables. The space is all sand with shallow water and play structures. The water isn’t deep at all but it is probably a good idea to bring a swim suit for the kids because they will end up completely wet. My kids were in their skivvies within about 15 minutes of walking in the door. What makes this place really cool is digging for gold. Scattered throughout the sand are these little bits of fake gold. The idea is that you gather them and when you have enough you can trade them in for an ice cream or candy. It’s a really nice combination of busy work and img_20180629_155827_01play time. Look for the carved wooden bear and just to the side you will find a table with a scale on it. Under it there is shelf with bowls. They are your basic IKEA plastic numbers but they have little holes drilled into the bottom so the kids can wash the sand out. Clever, right? When you think you have enough (10 ounces, if I remember correctly) you weigh it on the little scale and if you have enough a staff member gives you a coin and you can exchange that for a bag of sweets. I just realized I have typing “you” instead of “your child”. I was about to correct it but decided that the original is probably more accurate. You know you are going to be “helping” and by that I mean, be prepared to get a little sandy. The fact that I have to help would normally bug me but I didn’t mind here. It was oddly therapeutic so play in the sand. Plus I was there with a friend so we were still able to chat, that always helps.


The Food: The menu is small but really well done. The kids had a tosti on real bread that didn’t look like it began it’s day frozen. I had the salmon salad and it was DELICIOUS. I couldn’t even finish it and that’s saying something. My friend had the burger and told me that is was very good. They even have a fruit and veg platter on the menu! The dips contain milk, unfortunately but even without the dips  out kids devoured it.

There is a large playground outside as well as a patio with tables. It’s a nice playground. we went on a nice warm day and the kids spent nearly half the time outside.

I really recommend checking out Gouden Woud and plan to go back really soon. It’s a little gem!

Some Helpful Info:

  • This is their website: Gouden Woud
  • This is their address: Hamsestraat 18, 5298 NA Liempde gemeente Boxtel
  • They are open Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday only. If you are unsure if they are open or not please check the website before you go.
  • The cost to get in is 5 Euros for kids from the age of 1 till the age of 13. Before and after those ages are free.
  • I’m really not sure how much English is spoken by the staff, honestly. I was relying on my basic Dutch abilities but you should be able to manage fine. There is plenty of parking on site



Looking for other places to take the kids? Check out some of my other top picks!

Sterren Strand: Eersel

Vossenberg Speelboerderij: Tilburg

Aardbeienhof: Gemert

Maritime Museum: Rotterdam

Beer Yoga in the Park

What happens when you put two gym rats in the park with beer? Beer yoga. It’s something you never knew you needed until its there and then it completes you.

So a bit of background: My dear friend Marta and I used to go to yoga every Monday night. Lots of reasons why we sYoga in the Park. With Beertopped. The class started at 9:00. The weather was far to pretty to be inside. And to be honest, it got a little boring. So we started to meet in the park for some nibbles and beer, and hopefully some yoga or other sport.

Really, we just wanted to work out a little so that we could justify the fact that we are skipping yoga. Like “We totally aren’t skipping yoga, just moving it outside” but then we keep bringing beer… so beer  happens. Then beer yoga happens..

I have seen adds on Face Book about yoga studios combining these two seemingly incombinable things and I have always loved the idea. Why shouldn’t working out be fun?  I don’t find yoga particularly fun, to be honest. But in the same way that I really don’t enjoy Pilates. Slow repetitive movements tend to bore the crap out of me. I get Image 03-07-2018 at 20.29 (2)distracted and end up mentally preparing my grocery list and getting more and more annoyed that everyone seems to be better at this than me. I totally understand the health benefits, though. Yoga is great for you body (as is Pilates) and I saw a real improvement in myself when I was going regularly. The park, however, kept beckoning me to drink beer and enjoy the summer. I would have been happy to just do that but Marta insisted that we, after 2 beers, should do some yoga. I’m always down for some silly time so I gleefully agreed and I’m so happy i did. I’m so happy she insisted. And as I have said before I’m so glad she uses her powers of persuasion for good and not evil.  It was so freaking fun! I learned that I am much more flexible after a few beers but my balance is compromised, no real surprise there! I’m also happy that Anouk was there to capture these moments on film and make fun of me relentless because I split the back of my skirt open during the beer yoga. It was an old skirt but I liked it. The worst was having to get home with my butt literally in full display (I’ll spare you the pictures that were, of course, taken). Oh well, I’m sure this wasn’t the first clothing malfunction resulting from half drunk yogaing. Or maybe it is!

So, this should totally be a thing! The next Vegan Picnic in the Park is scheduled. Anyone know of a yoga instructor who wants to come drink and do some yoga with us? Or, another idea: If Marta and I organize a beer yoga in the park would people actually want to come and be silly with us? Let me know!

Yoga in the Park. With Beer

Want to read about other silliness Marta and I get up to?Of course you do!!

Vegan Potluck in the Park

Zumba Party!!!

Zumba Party!!!

A few years ago I would have laughed so hard at the idea of me attending a zumba party. Not one of those good hearted chuckles either, one full of sneering derision. Zumba is for middle aged women, I want to go to skate parks and play roller derby! No way would I ever have fun doing something so , dare I say it, basic! What would be next? Before I knew it I would end up in a mini van with a sensible mom haircut asking for the manager all the time!

Ok. Well, that was then and last night I went to a Zumba party and had a blast. What changed? Marta, a good friend of mine who I have worked out with for ages. We did yoga

Marta and I on bar tending duty at the zumba party

together on Monday nights but beyond that our working out started to diverge when she started attending more classes and I stayed in the free training area of the gym. One day she invited me to a zumba class on Wednesday morning.   At first i said no but she is persistent and can be very persuasive (luckily she uses her powers for good instead of evil) and I went to zumba.

I admit it. I was dead wrong. Zumba is fun. One year in and my haircuts are still crazy and I haven’t had to ask for a single manager, there was that one time but totally justified and I was really nice about it. Zumba is actually a really great workout. I always come away from it super sweaty with feeling that I have actually been “sporting” as the Dutch say. Couple that with the big smile on my face and whats not to like? So, all the people reading this who have done zumba are all face palming screaming DUH!!! at their computers. I know, ya’ll are right and I was wrong. Lets move on!!

First of all I absolutely love zumba music, it’s mixture of many international styles, my favorite being Latin. No matter who you are, zumba is for everyone with any level of dancing skills. Anyone can have fun at zumba, just let go and have some fun! Shake some booty like no one is watching.—–Marta

So into my life walks Monique, not so mach as walk… glides, struts, sashay, strides… something along those lines. She is one of the most captivating people I have ever met. The air around her is energized somehow. It’s difficult to explain, but when you meet these kids of people grab and hold on to them (not in a pervy way, try to be cool about it). She is a personal trainer, Pilates  instructor and zumba instructor. She has studied the

Me and the amazing Monique

human body and her business model is to help people get healthy and get in alignment. I had questions about this at first, because I didn’t understand what it meant, but luckily she was right there to explain that there were no crystals or chanting involved. Basically you can think about posture. Apparently one whole side of my body is shorter than the other (just by a bit, but it’s noticeable in pictures). An average approach to personal training is all “you want to loose weight or increase muscle then do this”  but Monique is trained with a more overall approach. For instance: My right side is shorter, I need to stretch and strengthen the muscles on my right side while I am training my body to bring everything into alignment. It’s a much more whole approach designed to help overall health. I love it. It is much more fine tuned and in touch with individual people.

Over the last year Monique, Marta and I have become close friends.  So when Monique asked us if we would help out with a zumba party we jumped at the chance.

The party was last night and it was so much fun! There were about 25 people there, which is perfect because the hall couldn’t fit any more. We danced for 45 or so minutes and rested outside with a cocktail and danced for around 45 more minutes and had another cocktail and a chat.  I was in charge of the welcome desk and sign in sheet and Marta and I made drinks. My friend Anouk worked the sound and lights. Of course we danced every chance we got!

The admission into the zumba party came with one free cocktail at the break. There were 3 options,  vodka tonic, gin and tonic something called a woowoo. A woowoo is vodca, a splash of peach schnapps, cranberry and tonic. So delicious and so dangerous!

Monique serving up the drinks!

The zumba was great. I went in thinking that I was only going to be Monique’s assistant so I wore a dress but I just couldn’t resist joining in! Luckily I had put sport shorts under my dress or everyone would have gotten a bit of a show (totally more than they bargained for!!).

I can’t wait for the next zumba party (and I can’t wait for Wednesday when I can dance again). I’m totally hooked! My favorite part? Trying to master “sexy”. Seriously! I’ll shake my booty and give “super sexy dancing” all I’ve got but my body doesn’t move that way! Monique does this thing called a body roll. She looks amazing but I look like I’m having a seizure! But if you, my dear reader, take one thing away from this post let it be this: zumba is awesome and don’t let the dancing intimidate you. We all kinda suck. Just have fun.

Want to get in touch with Monique? Of course you do! Her website is undergoing maintenance at the moment but the second that it is up (maybe the day, lets be honest) I will link it here. Or you can message me and I will send you her contact info.

Marta is also the force behind Happy Beets. She does vegan catering and gives talks at food events about healthy vegan lifestyles. Check her out here: Happy Beets


Vegan Potluck in the Park

I joined forces with the lovely Marta from Happy Beets and we hosted a vegan potluck picnic in the park! Happy Beets is an amazing company that offers vegan catering. Marta is a tireless advocate for healthy lifestyles and a cleaner environment and, honestly, one of the genuinely kindest people I have ever met. Check out her website: Happy Beets. You can also follow her on Instagram and Face Book.

Marta and Melissa AKA Happy Beets and Mommy on a Mission

We had the idea to invite anyone interested to a park for a picnic. I had been to a vegan potluck before and it was fun but we decided we wanted this one to be a bit more family friendly and we chose a park with a super fun playground as the perfect spot.

Here is the idea: Everyone bring a dish big enough to share. The dish has to be vegan, this means no animal products including meat, dairy or eggs. The dish doesn’t have be home made but it is super important to read the labels because the premade meatlesss food isn’t always vegan, they often use eggs as a binder and this makes them vegetarian and not vegan. I am not strictly vegan myself. I do eat eggs and goat cheese on the very rare occasion, but it has been known to happen. I am a vegetarian who is lactose intolerant so I can’t do dairy. Specifically anything coming from a cow.  Marta and her family are vegan so the picnic felt like it would be easier to just ask that all the food is vegan to prevent any confusion or a vegan accidentally consuming an animal product. Did you know that after not eating animal products for a long enough time they can actually make someone ill? It’s true!

We had the picnic at Philips van Lennepark in Eindhoven. It’s a really nice park that I haven’t written about on the blog yet but I did write about it for my first ever contribution to Eindhoven News. Did you know that I have started writing for Eindhoven News? You can read it here: Eindhoven News: Philips van Lennepark. I feel all official!


Marta and I were thrilled with the turnout. There was around 30 people there including kids and so much food! I loved that there were so many nonvegan families who came. It’s always nice to try new thing.

I made what I’m going to call enchilada bites. Super easy and so very picnic appropriate. Basically we rolled a dough and cut in a circle with a cookie cutter and pressed them into a a mini muffin mold. The I filled them with some of my enchilada stuffing (baked sweet potato, black beans, corn and taco seasoning) and after about 15 minutes in the oven they were done! The kitchen was literally coated in flour but it was fun and they were a hit.

Marta brought Ikea veggie balls (pro tip: Ikea has some delicious vegan veggie balls. They look just like meat balls and you can buy a big bag of them frozen! They are great for quick dinners) a chimmichurri sauce, this is a spicy green sauce made with cilantro, and an EPIC brownie. Not going to lie, people were fighting over the crumbs. Also on offer were salads, fruit, dips, spring rolls, curry, and drinks. Like I said, so much food!

Food at the Vegan Picnic
So Much Vegan Goodness!


The kids played and the adults chatted. I met some really interesting people and really enjoyed talking to everyone. I was even shown how to play a wierdly complicated jumping game thingy that is popular in Europe. So even the adults got to play! Next time I’m bringing my hackysack and a frisbee, why should the kids have all the fun?


During the picnic we were already getting requests for another edition and that is so cool! We are thrilled that everyone had such a good time and I hope the next one will be even bigger!

We scheduled the next Vegan Pot Luck in the Park for July 22. Here is a link to the fb event page so you can get all the details: Vegan Potluck in the Park


Building a Snail Village

So something a little bit different. My kids and I built a snail village a few weeks ago and it has been an amazing learning experience for them. I know, I know, I’m odd. I accept that.

It happened on Mothers Day. It had been raining on and off all day so we decided to spend the day at home. I took the dog to the little dog area on the corner and noticed so many snails! I had never seen so many on the sidewalk before. At first I was taking pictures so that I could show the kids. Then I had an idea. Snail Village!!! After a brief look on Pinterest I decided to go get a bowl and collect some snails. My goodness you should have seen the look on my kids faces when they saw me holding a giant measuring bowl full of snails. It was like Christmas morning!


We came up with a plan. They needed soil, a swimming pool, a plant, places to hide and some pretty things to look at. We have a fish tank that has been empty and sad since Bob the goldfish died and I thought that it was the perfect location.  After we had made the decisions we each set out to gather things we thought the snails may need. It was my sons job to keep the little buggers in the bowl. You wouldn’t think so but those little buggers are fast!

We had a great time setting everything up and trying to make sure our snail village was a pretty perfect place for them. We then relocated them into their new home and watched with excitement and wonder as they began to explore.


Here is a breakdown of how we decorated our snail village. I wanted some living green in there but I didn’t want to plant it directly in the dirt so I found a little pot. I read that snails can drown so we got some smooth glass from our last trip to the beach and a few marbles and put them in a saucer. This way, they can get to the water but not risk drowning. The bucket is half submerged in the sand because I wanted to give them a place to hide but generally if the want that they just hang out on the lid. I put a bit of egg carton in there but I removed it at the first cleaning. They seem really happy with everything!


We are still figuring out what they like to eat. We have discovered that they don’t like mushrooms, they will tolerate apples and bell peppers, and that they LOVE cucumber. My kids love watching them eat. Tiny little bite marks! Who knew! We check on them every morning and evening to make sure they are happy. Every other day or so I have to wipe down the walls with a damp cloth to clean up all the poop. I also clean the swimming pool. I had no idea how much they poop! I also take out any unfinished food and replace it with fresh because I don’t want mold. It only takes a few minutes and I get the kids to help so I don’t mind.


This has been a real learning experience for us. We have watched every YouTube video about snails and have learned a lot of, probably useless, but interesting information. My kids may get bored at some point but that’s fine. The snails will get relocated to a nearby park and the fish tank will probably get more fish. But in the meantime they are secretly learning and we are having a great adventure. You can do this with any container as long as its sealed tight with air holes. Just in case you are interested in building your own!!


Happy Snails after I fed them spinach and cucumber


Happy snails after I fed them broccoli, carrot, and cauliflower.


Happy kids watching their new little friends


Sterren Strand: Eersel

Sterren Strand: Eersel is a water park located on a camp ground. My kids call it the “indoor beach” because that’s how it feels. It is a shallow pool with sand and things to climb on. Although my kids have always focused almost completely on the indoor beach there is so much more to this place. It’s a camping place. The Dutch love these places. You pay by the night to pitch a tent and there is entertainment and food on the grounds. It’s really cool and makes for a super easy (and cheap) vacation because you never have to go anywhere. The camping ground is called TerSegelt BTW. There is more to do on the premises but the pool and beach area is called Sterren Strand and that’s what I’ll be focusing on for now.  There is also a normal pool with a really great toddler area, a nice beach with slides, a playground and a lake with paddling boats.

I’ll go through it in the order we usually do.

Room 1: The Beach

This is my favorite place to take the kids swimming because they really can do their own thing. The sand and water keep my daughter busy and my son likes to climb and explore. The water is up to my knees at it’s deepest point so they are able to run through it and play on their own. I always bring buckets and shovels and my kids can entertain themselves for hours!

There is also a little play area with sand and no water in the same room.

There was a small cafe inside but this was closed last time I was there and replaced with a machine. There is a touch screen that you can order from and you pay with your pin card. You can order a small selection from the main restaurant. Fried food and sandwiches mostly. The food is delivered and, in my case, left on the counter. I can’t say that I’m happy with this change, honestly. You can’t order drinks and that’s annoying. I do understand, though. Less staff and whatnot. Maybe it will be open during the summer. But we usually bring our own food anyways. I was looking forward to that glass of wine, though!

The really nice thing about Sterren Strand is that you can bring in your own food and sit wherever you want. I look for places like this. It can get so expensive taking the kids out all the time and being able to take a picnic really helps.


Room 2: the pool

The pool is separated completely and it’s nearly impossible for little kids to go from one room to another without help. There are 2 ways to go from one room to another. The quick way is through a little bath. You open a door and step down into a small pool (that goes up to my waist) and come out into a shower room and lead into the pool. The door is difficult to open so I don’t worry about my kids finding their way in. The second way to get into the pool is to leave the beach area and go down a small hallway. You will be led into a room full of changing rooms and go through into the pool. There are also lockers you can rent for 1 Euro but you get that back.

The pool itself is a pretty basic one. Stairs going in and one depth. I’m 5 feet 2 inches and it comes to my neck.

The toddler pools are really great. There are 3 connected pools of different depths, a slide and a little water fall mushroom thing. This area is completely fenced in with a heavy door and a high handle. This was the first place I took both kids swimming without my husband because of this gate. I didn’t have to worry about one of my kids running off into the big pool while I was trying to keep track of the other.

There is a big tube slide but my kids aren’t that adventurous yet.

There is also a hot tub!


The outside beach:

The outside is a day out all by itself! The beach is really nice with lots to do. Its very clean as well and big enough so that it never really feels cramped. There are slides into the water as well and  also a bouncy mountain.

There is a second lake with no beach but there are pedal boats and I think they do other water sports there occasionally.


There are 3 options for food. The little kiosk in the beach room, the main restaurant, and a fry shop.

The main restaurant looks really nice.  It’s super cozy and inviting. There is also a good sized play area with a mini cinema. Disneys Cars was playing the last time I was there. The patio is also really cool. There is a fire pit and couches. It overlooks a lake.


There is also a little fry shop close. It’s only open on busy days or during the summer.


My kids always have a blast there when we go. I even had my daughters second birthday party there and everyone had a great time. On that day there was face painting. This has happened often when we have been here, especially on the weekends. Because they want to keep the kids entertained and happy they have kids activities. Balloon animals, face painting, scavenger hunts, rock wall climbing (they have a rock wall in the beach room but it is often closed because it requires staff) . I honestly never know if there is an activity or not so when there is it always feel extra magical.

I will warn you though, it is hot as hell inside. Don’t forget to bring beach clothes for yourself. Even if you don’t plan to swim. Even if its the dead of winter and it’s a pain to pack something else because it probably already feels like you packing for a continental move. Seriously, throw some shorts and a tank in the bag. You may even want to bring a bathing suit (or costume depending on what version of English you speak) that water may get pretty inviting!

Some Helpful Information:

  • This is their website: Sterren Strand 
  • They aren’t open all year around. It always closes for a few months during winter (probably because it’s to cold to camp). But they really should keep the pool open. I’ll bet people would go and it wouldn’t require to much staff. Perhaps if we all sent an email?…….
  • The park is generally open from 10:00 – 6:00
  • This place is a royal pain with strollers so here is what you do. One person goes through the annoying spinning gate and if you look to the left there is an emergency exit, go and open it. I have always done this and there is never an alarm. In fact, these doors are often propped open on hot days for ventilation. If you are worried about an alarm just go to the counter and tell a member of the staff to open the door for you.
  • There aren’t any showers or foot baths in the beach room so be prepared for loads of sand in the car.
  • Paying can sometimes be a bit of a pain. On busy or weekend days there will be someone at the pool to pay but sometimes you have to go to the main TerSpegelt office to buy a ticket because there is only a bar code scanner.
  • There is a different price during summer days. You can either but an “outside pass”  or an “inside and outside pass”. It is way cheaper to just go to the outdoor beach. The price for an inside and outside pass is 8.50 per person and kids under 3 are free.
  • The Year Pass: Abonnementen in Dutch, FYI: A year pass for a family of 4 is 59.50 Euros. Probably the cheapest year pass out there but it comes with a catch. You can’t use the year pass inside during the school holidays. You can still use the beach, though. And it is a super nice beach. We had year passes for about 2 years before my kids started school. It’s a great place to take the kids on cold or wet days.



BTW: This is what my hair does if left to itself! I had swimming with the kids all afternoon. There is no controlling it, I’ve given up.


Looking for more indoor and outdoor places to take the kids?

Het Spoorwegmuseum (Railway Museum)

Vossenberg Speelboerderij: Tilburg

Aardbeienhof: Gemert