Emergency DIY! Homemade Sugar Scrub

The Mums and Toddler Winter Craft fair was quickly approaching and very few people had signed up to sell their homemade goodies. A friend of mine was organizing the event and asked me if I would want to set up a table with homemade lotions or something. Honestly, the idea didn’t sound appealing at all but I agreed after some gentle prodding.

So here was my challenge:

I needed something super easy,cheap to make, and it had to have universal appeal.  Most importantly I would need to be able to find a home for anything I didn’t sell.

Sugar Scrubs to the rescue!!

It all started with the jars. They had to be really inexpensive or I would have to charge to much per item. My friend was nice enough to find me this website (really I couldn’t say no to her!) and I decided on these cute little jam pots.

Click here to see where I bought the jars

They arrived in a few days and I was able to make the sugar scrubs


  • Oil – I used sunflower oil because its readily available and inexpensive. It is also very moisturizing and very few people are allergic to it.
  • Sugar
  • Vitamin E oil – this is optional but its very good for the skin and I just happened to have a bottle at home.
  • Essential oils – for smell mostly though they do offer some therapeutic benefits. I chose so make 4 different scrubs. Lavender, Citrus, Vanilla and Ylang Ylang.
  • Jars
  • Labels

I started by cleaning the jars

IMG_0002Aren’t these little guys cute?

Then I filled them just over halfway with sugar


Then I poured oil on top and gave it a stir. Honestly, I used to follow a specific recipe but I found it was always just easier to put in enough oil and sugar to make it a nice thick paste. As a rule about 2X the amount of sugar than oil (this will make a pretty thin scrub and I really like mine a little thicker). Its not something that can be messed up so go with the consistency you like!

I then put 2 drops of vitamin E oil into each jar (trust me a little of this stuff goes a very long way!) Then I added about 5 drops of oil into a jar (I decided to make it easy and only use 1 oil per jar and make 4 different kinds).

I randomly came across the labels at Ikea. I was so glad because I really couldn’t figure out a way to label these jars that wouldn’t take a ton of time.

IMG_0009I think they were 1 Euro for 10 labels

The most time consuming part was writing out the labels and tying them to the jars.

I am really happy with how these little guys turned out. I figured my cost is about 1 Euro per sugar scrub so I decided to sell them for 2 Euros each. They took about 1 1/2 hours to make not including picking out the jars and waiting on delivery.IMG_0013

I think its a nice addition to the craft fair. Any unsold scrubs will get a Christmas makeover and will be given away as Christmas presents!

So there you go.

Emergency DIY Sugar Scrubs


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