Month: December 2015

The “trading places” moment that has forever altered how I see my husband

These 2 weeks are Christmas break. My husband, for the last 2 years has taken these 2 weeks off of work and we spend some time as a family. This year I am also able to spend some much needed time with friends. I… Continue Reading “The “trading places” moment that has forever altered how I see my husband”

Carnival in The Netherlands

The Dutch carnival is difficult to describe. It’s a crazy blend of costumes, alcohol and really loud music that, honestly, takes some getting used to. I moved to The Netherlands in 2008 only 1 week before Carnival. My husband took me out (he had… Continue Reading “Carnival in The Netherlands”

Warm Spiced Wine or Gluhwein

Nothing says the holidays for me more than a hot cup of Gluhwein. This warm spiced wine generally makes its first appearance at the end of November. My first glass of the season is traditionally enjoyed while at the Eindhoven Glow festival (a yearly… Continue Reading “Warm Spiced Wine or Gluhwein”

5 Essential Rules for Surviving Christmas Decorating With Kids

Christmas is a magical time of year. I love having the house decorated and really look forward to putting the tree up every year. My house was always perfect. I lovingly decorated every surface with beautiful twinkly things. Until i had kids. Then everything… Continue Reading “5 Essential Rules for Surviving Christmas Decorating With Kids”

What I learned from my kids today

It was supposed to be a magical morning. I had it all worked out in my mind. Nothing went according to plan, though, and I was reminded that sometimes that’s OK