What I learned from my kids today

Sinterkaas’s home away from home. Picturesque, right?

It was supposed to be a magical morning. I had it all worked out in my mind. Nothing went according to plan, though, and I was reminded that sometimes that’s OK.

We have been to  Weverkeshof Dorpsborderij  many times (in fact my son’s 3rd birthday party was held here) but these few weeks in December are special. Sinterklaas stays here while he is in town. There are rooms set up, Sinterklaas and his horse Amerigo are around in the afternoons and Zwarte Pieten are around all the time. There is singing, dancing and a general festive holiday atmosphere. Last week the Mums and Toddlers Eindhoven group  went one afternoon. Unfortunately I couldn’t join them because my daughter was sick. After the event, there were glowing reviews and amazing pictures on Facebook. I was so disappointed we missed it. I decided to take the kids on our one free morning in two weeks. I knew Sinterklaas wouldn’t be there himself but Piet would be enough. I wanted to see my kids dance and sing and get excited about the holidays.

We got there in the morning and everything went wrong. My son didn’t want to go inside, he wanted to play on the playground. The kids inside looked to be having such fun I pushed it and finally he trudged inside. I soon found out that the day had been completely booked by school groups, which was not on the website. We were asked to sit in the corner while a group of kids had fun and then when they left all was quiet while the staff cleaned and then another group was brought in. They had even put away all the toys that are normally there. We sat at a table, had a snack and watched other kids have fun, then went back outside.

I was crushed. We were left out! Not allowed to join the fun! Disappointment! Rejection! My magical morning was ruined and destroyed!

But it wasn’t. The kids weren’t upset at all.  It was all in my mind.

They were given juice and two cookies each! The staff was very friendly and gave them tons of attention. There were animals to see and a playground to enjoy. They were happy with the outing. They had a good time!

My kids constantly amaze me. I love that they keep reminding me not to put too much pressure on myself. Perfect outings are great but sometimes all you really need is a pretty day and the opportunity to play with the kids.


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