Speelbos De Kemmer

I love a good Speelbos ( translated to Play Forest) . These are bits of nature that have something to do for kids. Speelbos De Kemmer has animals carved into the wood around the place for the kids to find. There is also a fitness route with stops along the way to do different exercises. These are for grown ups but really fun for the kids as well. You can find the website here sorry it is in Dutch. It’s in Oirschot, about a 15 minute drive outside of Eindhoven.


Basically it is a walking trail through a wooded area with scattered wooden carvings.


The kids had a great time. I love my kids being in nature. Exploring and discovering. They mostly love getting really dirty. I know now to pack wet wipes, a towel and a complete change of clothes for both kids.

They will get muddy. They will get messy. If your lucky it will be warm outside and you can just strip them to their undies and put them in the car when you are ready to go. The nice thing about this is, however, that a bath is a requirement when we get home. This make the  total time spent on the outing another hour, This is a huge bonus for me because they are getting clean and having fun doing something other than making a mess or begging for TV time.

Negatives about De Kemmer is that it is so close to the highway. There isn’t even a proper fence. The area is pretty big and the highway is only along one side but it’s still the highway. I did feel the need to tell my son not to go near the cars at one point. Another slightly annoying thing about the place is the lack of picnic tables. This is a really small thing but it would have been nice to have a place to take a break about halfway through the route.  Lastly is the people out with their dogs. The speelbos near us has “no dog”signs posted everywhere but I didn’t see any here. People also ride horses through the paths. This is awsome for the kids who get really excited about horses but less so for the poop. How are people so annoyed with dog poop but OK with horse poop? I don’t like either in a place my kids play. Poop is poop.

All in all it was a great day out. I will go back with the kids when the weather is a bit warmer. It’s so nice that there are these nature reserves so many places in The Netherlands. It’s very important for kids to be outside and getting dirty.






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