Month: April 2016

Nederlands Water Museum

I decided after finding out about the Museum Card I would start taking the kids to more museums. This is a really easy thing to do here because there is a whole list of museums labeled “kid proof”. This means that there will be… Continue Reading “Nederlands Water Museum”

The Museum Card

Have you ever discovered something so awesome that instead of being thrilled you are slightly annoyed that you didn’t know about it earlier? It’s a weird feeling. This is exactly how I felt a few months ago when I first learned about the museum… Continue Reading “The Museum Card”

Ending The Competition and Finding the Inspiration

I started going to the gym about a month ago. I went to the gym back in Dallas and I hated it so I was really hesitant to go again. In Dallas I always felt slightly intimidated when I was at the gym. I… Continue Reading “Ending The Competition and Finding the Inspiration”