Ending The Competition and Finding the Inspiration

I started going to the gym about a month ago. I went to the gym back in Dallas and I hated it so I was really hesitant to go again. In Dallas I always felt slightly intimidated when I was at the gym. I was always comparing myself to the people around me and I never measured up. I look back on the girl I was and I am amazed at my lack of self confidence. I was young and thin. I was lean and fit. I was a bartender so I (at least to some degree) relied on my looks to make my living. At the gym everyone seemed to be taller or thinner, blonder or happier.

I finally joined the gym here and have experienced something completely different! Perhaps it’s because I am older and (arguably) a little wiser. Perhaps it is because I have lost loads of weight throughout the last few years by changing my diet and I have never felt better about myself. Perhaps it’s because I have kids now and I want to teach them about health and happiness and acceptance. Perhaps its because I have stopped aiming for that perfect sports model body and am now looking to be fit and strong and healthy.

Whatever the reason, when I go into the gym now I am completely in awe of the people around me. I see a room full of people who are dedicated to being healthy, a room full of people who are trying to be the best that they can be.

Bikini pictures taken one week before I started going to the gym. Something like this would have never seen the light of day a few years ago!!


These are a few of my favorite people at the gym:

The old man who uses his walker to go from machine to machine. This man can barley walk but he is there, working that exercise bike and using the arm and leg machines. He is awesome!!

The woman so pregnant she looks like she is about to pop. When I was that pregnant all I wanted to do was nap but she is there. She does a few of the arm and leg machine and then waddles up to the treadmill. I am amazed by her dedication to fitness.

The woman who puts on full make up before spending 30 minutes on the elliptical machine. I love that she takes so much pride in being there. No amount of sweat is going to smudge her eyeliner. I think that’s so cool, I look like a drowned rat half the time!!

The only man in the group fitness class. Good for you! Don’t let yourself be intimidated by the girls. These classes can be great and they aren’t just for the ladies!

The one girl in the free weight area surrounded by dudes. She is truly an inspiration! I haven’t even had the courage to walk on that side of the room. Awesome!

The skinny dudes. They always seem to travel in pairs and high five each other constantly. I just want to tell them that they are doing a great job and to keep it up. They are always working so hard to be buff!

The trainer who runs the core fitness class. He is so excited and happy! He always finds a way to make people want to push harder even though they are really cursing at him in their mind.

The guy (or girl) looking slightly overwhelmed while being shown the different equipment. I’m so proud of him for getting started! I really hope he finds his groove and learns to love it.

The girl (or guy) standing in the middle of the room looking slightly defeated. I hope she knows that just because today isn’t her day tomorrow will be better! Good for her for coming!

It’s so great to be at a point in my life that I can appreciate all of these people. I now look at the gym as an amazing source of inspiration.  I wish I would have started sooner.

Super Sweaty Post Workout Selfie



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