Month: August 2016

Speeltuin de Kievit: Nuenen

Speeltuin de Kievit is a really great little park in Nuenen. Speeltiun translates to “play garden” and is a generic term for any outdoor play area and this is one of our favorites. Kievit has things to do for every age group and it’s… Continue Reading “Speeltuin de Kievit: Nuenen”

Speelpark de Splinter: Eindhoven

There are many reasons I love living in The Netherlands. At the top of this list is the parks.  The Dutch are very good at parks! Speelpark de Splinter in Eondhoven, North Brabant is one of the biggest and has the most diverse assortment… Continue Reading “Speelpark de Splinter: Eindhoven”

Blueberry Apple Sauce: Cooking with the Kids

My family and I went blueberry picking last weekend and we ended up picking 3 kilos of blueberries. Since then I have been hard at work using them all! Well, it hasn’t really been work. I have a bit of an obsessive personalty so… Continue Reading “Blueberry Apple Sauce: Cooking with the Kids”