In Mourning for the Summer Break

Today is the last day of the summer break. Tomorrow my son starts school and next week my daughter starts preschool. The internet seems to be overjoyed that the kids are back in school. Picture after picture, video after video shows happy moms celebrating the first day of school. I honestly don’t get it. I am in mourning for the summer break.

I get part of it. I will have more time. My kids will be entertained for most of the day and that relieves a lot of pressure from me.

But what am I really gaining?

  • school lunches and snacks packed and ready to go 5 days a week
  • speech therapy
  • Dutch class
  • study days
  • play dates
  • teacher conferences
  • countless emails
  • 8:25 first bell
  • school trips
  •  half days
  • class projects
  • schedules, schedules, schedules

And what am I giving up?

  • playing in the sandbox until dark
  • days at the park
  • watching Mickey Mouse in the morning
  • completely negotiable bed time
  • an ice cream a day
  • pj days
  • sibling giggles
  • the freedom to plan the day based on the weather
  • no obligations

It will only get worse as they get older sports, scouts, friends…..

So what am I missing?

Am I alone in this feeling of impending stress over a hundred different things that now require my attention. Am I alone when I say that things are harder when the kids are in school?

I can’t be alone.

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