Kabouter Hunting: Bosschuur de Meren

Every fall, my families favourite place to be outside puts on a kabouter hunt! Kabouter Hunting: Bosschuur de Meren is a really great way to spend a fall day.

So what is a kabouter?


Cute, aren’t they? Basically they are what we English speakers call gnomes. They live in little houses in the forest.

The beginning of the hunt you can get in the mood my painting your cheeks a rosy red. Then you follow the foot prints and hunt for the little houses. Will you see a kabouter on the way?

Little footprint circles are on the trees and you follow them to the houses, they are market with a hat.


Find the little houses.

Maybe you will find some surprises.


And at the end of the trail you can help decorate for a kabouter party!


Find pretty things in the forest and use the yarn to hang it from the trees.

It’s really sweet. The kids had a blast. The path wasn’t horribly long so no one lost interest. My son was “in charge” of following footprints and he took his job very seriously. It was a really great way to spend an afternoon. I really suggest checking it out.

Some Practical Information:

  • The kabouter houses are only in the forest during fall break.
  • This is their address: Merenweg 2A 5513 AR Wintelre
  • This is Bosschuur de Meren’s website: Bosschuur de Meren
  • For more information about this great place check out my previous blog post: Bosschuur De Meren
  • Dutch Play Forests  This a website that shows all the Speelbossen in The Netherlands (sorry it’s on Dutch)


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