Ballorig: Veldhoven

This is my favorite indoor place to take the kids. We live there (I’m only exaggerating slightly). We are there every week at least once but sometimes as many as three times. There are a number of reasons for this. I live in Veldhoven and Ballorig is a seven minute drive from my house. It is so totally awesome having a huge indoor play place so close. It’s big, there is loads to keep the kids entertained and the staff is really nice.

But first a story:

My kids are only two years apart so that means I had a very active toddler while I was huge pregnant and at the time we didn’t own a car. The Netherlands is extremely bike friendly and has really great public transportation but the lack of a car  definitely made it more difficult to get out.  I was having a lot of trouble keeping up with my son out in public but at the same time I knew that I couldn’t really keep him in.  Ballorig: Veldhoven had their grand opening one fateful Saturday and had free entry for that day. My husband and I took our son and we bought our year passes that same day. I honestly think it has been the best investment we have made (except the car. I do love owning a car!). That was 3 years ago.

So what makes Ballorig: Veldhoven so great?

The space is a major bonus. There is loads of seating and its spread out so even when it’s super busy you never really feel cramped. And all along one wall there are comfy leather couches. Sit on a couch and read a book while the kids play? Yes, Please!

There is also lots of windows along one side so there is nice natural light.

There are 3 main play areas: The play area for the under 4 crowd, the big kids play area, and what translates to a “climbing volcano” ( a friend of mine finally told me what these are called and I love it).

Here is a picture:



The big kids play area is really nice and big. Everything is padded so it’s really difficult for kids to hurt themselves. There are several different slides, trampolines, giant legos, so many different things!



The area for kids under 4 is really nice as well. It’s big and open and padded. I have spent a lot of time in this area! There is a small padded wall around it with one main entrance/exit. This works really to keep super little kids in but once they have mastered walking its pretty easy for them to escape.

There is also an enclosed soccer field, a fun ladder climbing area and cars to ride. I found the cars very annoying when I first started going there. They cost 1 Euro for a ride and I found it irritating that there was an extra cost for a ride inside somewhere I had just payed to get into. My kids have since leaned that they can push the cars and they take turns pushing each other. I think this is better anyway.



You can not bring your own food and drinks into Ballorig. The food isn’t great, honestly. The french fries are generally good and the gezond sandwich is fine (it’s what I get in a pinch). They have standard fried snacks and “kid food”. I really wish they had more healthy and better tasting “adult” options. My kids love the food but I rarely ever eat there. It really doesn’t bother me much that they don’t have food that I want to eat, it’s a treat for the kids and thats fine with me.

When you want to order you walk up to the counter and order and they give you a buzzer. When your food is ready the buzzer will vibrate and light up and you go pick your food at the counter.


I have a pretty sweet time at Ballorig right now. My son is 4 and completely capable of running around the place on his own. My daughter is a very adventurous 2 and I no longer have to follow her around the place. I actually bring things to keep me busy during the time I spend there (sometimes up to 5 hours). Lately I have taken up knitting again because I have extra time on my hands. I even managed to repair my daughter beloved knuffel bunny there while she played. It’s so amazingly awesome.


Definitely check out Ballorig: Veldhoven. It just might save your sanity on the cold winter days!


Some Practical Information:

  • This is their website: Ballorig: Veldhoven
  • This is their address:De Run 5201, 5504 DC Veldhoven    040-2536444
  • Entry is 7.50 Euros for kids under the age of 13. There is a discount if you go in the morning and leave before 12:00, it’s 5.50. Adults are free
  • The year pass costs 84 Euros for the year. This is what we did because if you go 1 time per months you have covered the cost of the card.
  • Ballorig is open 9:00-6:00 on weekdays and 10:00-6:00 on weekends. The hours can change on holidays so check the website if you not sure.
  • Ballorig is really easy to reach by public transport. Use the 9292 to check the bus schedules
  • There is free and payed parking on site. Parking in the garage costs 2 Euros but is free for year pass holders (make sure you tell the person at the front desk you are in the garage and they will give you a coin).

Update for season pass holders:

You can’t store your points on the cards anymore. There is now an app for that. There is an app for everything, though. You need to download the app and then bring your phone and your childrens cards to the front desk and they will load the points onto the app. There is good and bad in this. I generally hate putting extra things on my phone so at first this annoyed me. But now the points from both cards will be combined so that’s good. Next step, hopefully, is to scan the app at entry and get rid of the cards completely. Hopefully they will manage that soon.


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