A Case for Mental Health Days

I am tired. Not really physically but just tired. Every day is starting to feel the same. The rush to get the kids to school, lunches packed and dog walked. The rush to get the house picked up just enough for it not to look like a frat house after a big party. The rush to get to the gym so I can squeeze in some exercise.

Shit. Its time to start dinner.

Got to walk the dog and pick up my son. Finnish dinner, cuddle on the couch for a bit then bedtime.

We have a good routine and we all like it generally but after all it starts feel like Groundhog Day. Am I right?

So every now and then we take a mental health day. A day in the random middle of nowhere to switch things up a little.

Up at 6:30 but instead of packing lunches and organising backpacks we are baking muffins.

8:05 but instead of attempting to wrangle 2 kids into full winter gear for the dog walk and walk to school we are colouring.

Some of these special days we may stay in our pj’s all day. Read books and play with Legos. Do some crafting and baking. I love these days.

Today, on our mental health day we are going to a Christmas Market. A super special outing during the week (I hope it will be less busy than on the weekend).

These are days that I look forward to. They are a chance for me and the kids to break out of our routine and spend some time together. Recharge our batteries and remind ourselves that life is supposed to be a little random and fun and unscheduled. A chance for me to hear my kids laugh more and get extra cuddles.

These are the days that remind me how amazing life is.



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