Dippie Doe: Best

I have always had a bit of a love hate relationship with Dippie Doe: Best. It’s a fun place and my kids both love going there. In fact, if I ask my son where he wants to go on a particular day he will almost always request Dippie Doe. It’s like a small amusement park for kids. There are rides inside and outside so it’s good in any weather and there is plenty to keep kids entertained.

So there is the love, where is the hate?

When it gets crowded I find it very overwhelming. The music, the children screaming, and the rides spinning overhead, all in a very compact environment gets to me after a while. Oddly enough I tended to avoid the place during winter because every time I went, it seemed to be very crowded and that’s a shame because I really struggle with finding fun indoor places. We were there only a few days ago and it was very calm and even I enjoyed myself. I have decided that I need to be more open to going there in the future.

Another big issue I have is that there is very little for younger kids to do there. There is a small ball pit with a tiny slide and that’s kinda it for them. I still have to really keep an eye on my 2 1/2 year old there and she still struggles in the soft play a little. I pretty much know that if I go I have to have an active role and actually participate in the play. This is not something I generally like to do. Don’t get me wrong, I love playing with my kids but I like to encourage independence while they play as well.

This is my son helping my daughter through the soft play

So why does my son love Dippie Doe? Rides and a giant soft play indoors and tons of play structures outside.

The inside has 3 rides, a giant slide and a multilevel, padded, climbing structure (the British call it a soft play because everything is padded). The rides depend on height. Both of my kids need a parent to ride 2 of the indoor rides and only my son can ride the other. This means that whenever one of my kids want to ride something they have to first come and find me. First world problems, yes. But I still find it slightly annoying.

The outside area is really great, though! It’s like they gathered a ton of really great playgrounds together in one spot. There are also different rides depending in height. My son is about 110 centimeters and he can ride all of them except the big roller coaster (and before you ask, it’s big considering the place).



You can bring your own food but you can only eat it in certain areas. Inside you can’t eat your picnic on any of the tables. There are a few blue benches you can sit on and eat. Outside you can always eat food from home. There are plenty of benches and picnic tables or you can bring a blanket.

They sell all the normal stuff that all these places sell. Deep fried burgers and french fries and such. I choked down a burger at one point and I decided it was very nearly the worst thing I can remember eating. Last time I was there I got a brie sandwich on a brown roll and it was actually fine (but how do you mess that up?). They have these “pizza rolls” that my husband likes. It looks like an ice cream cone made of pizza dough and filled with tomato sauce and cheese. I tasted it and it tasted like a so so pizza. Don’t expect anything healthy in this place.

We have year passes for Dippie Doe. It was a real struggle to make the decision to renew them this year, honestly. The kids do love it but last year my daughter really was to young to enjoy it. And in the winter it was always so crowded. It is really great in the summer but there are no shortages of really great places during the summer. We went during Christmas break to decide and we went for it. The kids really do love it and my daughter was able to play on her own (with her big brothers help). We got our year passes during a special promotion so they only costs 100 Euros for the family and that does make it one of the less expensive indoor play places. I’m sure we will get our money worth out of the passes. It also covers the man made beach Aquabest just next door. We haven’t been yet but since it’s covered by out passes I need to put it at the top of out summer list.


So there it is. Dippie Doe. Great in the summer, decent in the winter and I would wait till your kid is around 3 (there are much better places for little kids)

Some Practical Information:

  • This is their website: Dippie Doe
  • This is the address: Familiepark DippieDoe, Ekkersweijer 1
    5681 RZ BEST
  • Dippie Doe costs 7.50 per child and adults get in free. This is according to their website, this could change during the summer.  (the price has come down significantly in recent years. They used to charge for adults)
  • During the winter Dippie Doe is open during the winter on Wed, Fri, and the weekend. Opening times tend to vary depending on school holidays so make sure you check before you go.
  • Parking is not free but I honestly couldn’t find any information about parking on the website and I don’t remember how much it costs. We bought a parking strip card ages ago so I haven’t payed for parking in a while. I will find out and update soon.

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