Kijkdagen, Gietenboerke: Oerle

Every spring a goat farm in Veldhoven opens it’s doors for a few Sundays of  goat feeding fun. The new little babies have been born and this is your opportunity to cuddle up with a baby goat and feed it from a bottle, and who hasn’t dreamed of doing that? They are so small and cute! Last year was our second time going to Kijkdagen, Gietenboerke: Oerle and we will definitely be going again this year. Kijkdagen translates to “look days” and Oerle is in Veldhoven, just to clarify things.


There was some trial and error involved, though. Honestly, the first year we went I didn’t enjoy it very much. The baby goats weren’t very hungry so I kept taking them back and getting a different one. My son got really frustrated (and honestly so did I). I wasn’t mad at the goats, I felt sorry for them. They were being carried around and manhandled by kids all the while getting force-fed milk.

We almost didn’t go again, but I’m glad we did. We had a much better experience the second time around.

I learned that it’s best to get there early. Like before they open to get in line. Then the goats are still happy any hungry. Go inside and head straight for the baby goats and do that first. There are toys and a playground and the kids will want to go straight that direction but resist the urge to let them play. Go feed those babies!! When you go into the building (I believe it’s the first one you come to but follow the crowd) you will find a row of small rooms to the left. Inside the staff is filling bottles and handing out goats.

Buy a bottle, grab a goat and leave the room. There are benches you can sit on in the hall. Let the adorableness commence!


In the next big building are all the adult goats. There are a lot of them! Here you can buy a bag of dry goat food and feed them as well. More totally awesome goat cuteness.

Around the buildings there is plenty of stuff for the kids to play with. Some slides, a sandbox and tricycles. There is even a little area where the kids can hold tinny little animals for a cuddle. There is also a bar, this is The Netherlands after all, and drinking beer while your kids run around is a completely acceptable thing to do.

There is also amazing goat ice cream and cheeses. Seriously, don’t leave without getting an ice cream. You won’t regret it!

Just outside the goat areas is a really nice restaurant with a great outdoor playground. My kids always have to stop there for a while on the way out to the car. The playground is just outside the restaurant so your kids can play there without you having to order anything or go inside at all. But it is a really nice place place with good food so it is worth checking out.

Practical Information:

  • This is their website: Geitenboerke
  • This is their address:Toterfout 13,  5507RD Oerle
  • Bring coins. Lots of one and two Euro coins, you will want them and it will make life much easier
  • Parking: There is a free parking lot and there is n street parking all around
  • The “kijkdagen” is every Sunday from   March 5 – April 16 (in 2017)
  • They are open from 1:30 – 5:00 (in 2017)
  • Entry fee is 1.50 Euros per person

Give their website a look over for events other than the Kijkdagen. I just saw that they host kids birthday parties. Looks like a fun and interesting place for one!

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