Billy Bird: Hemelrijk

I rarely come across a place that I know we have to have year passes for but Billy Bird: Hemelrijk is one of them. We also have year passes for Dierenrijk: Nuenen, Toverland Amusement Park, and Ballorig: Veldhoven. Seems like a lot but they all fulfill different purposes on our outings. Toverland is a pretty grand outing, Dierenrijk is always a fun family day and we practically live at Ballorig. At the end of April was the day I added Billy Bird to the list and we went back again the very next week. The light switch moment about the year passes for me came a few years ago when my house was completely over run with toys and we were always playing at a park somewhere. So I asked the grandparents to start sending money for the kids for holidays instead of toys and it was worked out beautifully. The money pays for the year passes, the kids have fabulous outings and my house stays clean. Everyone wins!

What impressed me most about Billy Bird is that is is an all weather outing. My rule for year passes is that it has to have an indoor play area. There is no shortage of parks and outdoor spaces so we like to switch that up. Indoor play places are much more difficult to find. Extra bonus points for a place that has both.

Billy Bird is a lovely beach lake with indoor and outdoor playgrounds and even a small roller coaster. The first time we went it was a typical Dutch spring day (meaning close to miserable). It would rain on and off, nothing to really be annoyed about but the sun wouldn’t come out. The kids had a blast at the outdoor playgrounds and then we moved to the indoor play places for lunch. At the end of the day the sun started to peek out so we had a nice time exploring the castle (yep you read that correctly). We went back the very next week on an amazingly warm sunny day. We spent the entire time on the beach building sandcastles and playing in the water. We didn’t even step one foot off that beach for the 5 hours we were there. I was kinda amazed actually.

So Billy Bird:

To get in you walk through a little building and either buy your ticket or show your year passes. When you pass through the first thing you see is the beach. It’s really long with nice clean sand and surrounded by grass. There is a dock that can be rented out for parties and a deck area with lounge chairs that can be rented for the day.

At the right of the lake as you walk in is the castle. It’s huge. There are slides hidden throughout it and it gives great views of the park. I will say it was a bit nerve wracking with my fearless three year old and the lack of railing at some places but we survived.

There is also a huge water slide! You sit in a raft bit will probably get a little wet. There are peddle boats you can borrow to take you around the lake and some really crazy fitness equipment that felt so random but we had loads of fun playing on. There is also a little nature path through the woods.

Walk around the lake and you will come to a large building. This contains the restaurant, ice cream shop and the largest indoor play area.The restaurant is cafeteria style and has some pretty typical Dutch foods. Nothing special there. Pretty standard alcohol selection as well, but you can bring your own!!   The play area is pirate themed and it’s pretty great. No problem the kids could spend a rainy afternoon here! There is also a large separate space for the little kids at the back.

Further around the beach you will find the entrance to the “kids zone”. The first building is the new “ball fabriek” this means ball factory in English. this is a really cool space. It’s full of balls (like from a ball pit) and things to do with them. Air guns, buckets on string sucky things that lead to other places. It’s hard to describe but a blast for kids. There are also some tables in this building and a small food shop. The ball fabriek was brand spanking new when we were there and the shop wasn’t finished so I’m not sure exactly what they will serve but I update the blog when I know more.

Further on you have the outdoor play area. There is TONS to do. A play circus where the kids can, you know, play circus. And bumper cars, a pedal powered monorail, teacups a small roller coaster and all the other standard playground equipment. In the warmer months there are also pedal boats that go around a lazy river. Honestly, this section of the park would entertain my kids for a day all on it’s own.

Be warned… most of these rides are parent powered.

You can bring in your own food. There are loads of picnic tables and plenty of space for blankets. We ate our picnic lunch upstairs in the play area.  They even have these super cute little grills you can rent for the day but you can’t bring in your own food to grill. You buy a grilling “kit”. There are selections for different prices per person. For a big family day or group event this would be pretty perfect, and they have a vegetarian option so thats pretty cool. This is the link that will take you directly to that page on their site (in Dutch I’m afraid). BBQ in the park

It’s a really great place. It’s in Uden about 30 minutes outside Eindhoven, very close to Hullie Speelboerderij: Uden in fact, so not to far. I really recommend it. Your kids will not be disappointed!


Some Practical Information:

  • This is their website, unfortunately it’s completely in Dutch: Billy Bird
  • This is their address: Zeelandsedijk 34A, 5408SM Volkel
  • There is loads of parking. It costs 5 Euros per day unless you have a year pass (more on that in a moment
  • They are open from 10:00 – 6:00 and later during the summer vacation
  • How much? General admission is 11.95 Euros and free for kids under 3 years old, You can prebuy them online and save 2 Euros

The year pass. Seriously. They get cheaper the more passes you buy. For instance a family of 4 costs less individually than a single person. And if you have the passes automatically deducted from you account every year it’s cheaper than if you don’t. A family of 4 people costs 23.50 per person for the whole year. So if you go twice in a year you have covered the cost of the card. They will deduct the days entry price from the year pass so you can go, check it out and then upgrade without being out anything. And parking it the one flat fee of 3 Euros with the card. Amazing, right!? It was very easy to justify upgrading to the year pass for me especially considering how much I pay per day entry to other beaches like  Witven Lake and Beach: Veldhoven. Odds are that I will still end up there over the summer because it’s so darned close to my house but Billy Bird will pretty much take over the beach role for us from now on.


Looking for more outdoor fun:


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