Building a Snail Village

So something a little bit different. My kids and I built a snail village a few weeks ago and it has been an amazing learning experience for them. I know, I know, I’m odd. I accept that.

It happened on Mothers Day. It had been raining on and off all day so we decided to spend the day at home. I took the dog to the little dog area on the corner and noticed so many snails! I had never seen so many on the sidewalk before. At first I was taking pictures so that I could show the kids. Then I had an idea. Snail Village!!! After a brief look on Pinterest I decided to go get a bowl and collect some snails. My goodness you should have seen the look on my kids faces when they saw me holding a giant measuring bowl full of snails. It was like Christmas morning!


We came up with a plan. They needed soil, a swimming pool, a plant, places to hide and some pretty things to look at. We have a fish tank that has been empty and sad since Bob the goldfish died and I thought that it was the perfect location.  After we had made the decisions we each set out to gather things we thought the snails may need. It was my sons job to keep the little buggers in the bowl. You wouldn’t think so but those little buggers are fast!

We had a great time setting everything up and trying to make sure our snail village was a pretty perfect place for them. We then relocated them into their new home and watched with excitement and wonder as they began to explore.


Here is a breakdown of how we decorated our snail village. I wanted some living green in there but I didn’t want to plant it directly in the dirt so I found a little pot. I read that snails can drown so we got some smooth glass from our last trip to the beach and a few marbles and put them in a saucer. This way, they can get to the water but not risk drowning. The bucket is half submerged in the sand because I wanted to give them a place to hide but generally if the want that they just hang out on the lid. I put a bit of egg carton in there but I removed it at the first cleaning. They seem really happy with everything!


We are still figuring out what they like to eat. We have discovered that they don’t like mushrooms, they will tolerate apples and bell peppers, and that they LOVE cucumber. My kids love watching them eat. Tiny little bite marks! Who knew! We check on them every morning and evening to make sure they are happy. Every other day or so I have to wipe down the walls with a damp cloth to clean up all the poop. I also clean the swimming pool. I had no idea how much they poop! I also take out any unfinished food and replace it with fresh because I don’t want mold. It only takes a few minutes and I get the kids to help so I don’t mind.


This has been a real learning experience for us. We have watched every YouTube video about snails and have learned a lot of, probably useless, but interesting information. My kids may get bored at some point but that’s fine. The snails will get relocated to a nearby park and the fish tank will probably get more fish. But in the meantime they are secretly learning and we are having a great adventure. You can do this with any container as long as its sealed tight with air holes. Just in case you are interested in building your own!!


Happy Snails after I fed them spinach and cucumber


Happy snails after I fed them broccoli, carrot, and cauliflower.


Happy kids watching their new little friends


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