Zumba Party!!!

A few years ago I would have laughed so hard at the idea of me attending a zumba party. Not one of those good hearted chuckles either, one full of sneering derision. Zumba is for middle aged women, I want to go to skate parks and play roller derby! No way would I ever have fun doing something so , dare I say it, basic! What would be next? Before I knew it I would end up in a mini van with a sensible mom haircut asking for the manager all the time!

Ok. Well, that was then and last night I went to a Zumba party and had a blast. What changed? Marta, a good friend of mine who I have worked out with for ages. We did yoga

Marta and I on bar tending duty at the zumba party

together on Monday nights but beyond that our working out started to diverge when she started attending more classes and I stayed in the free training area of the gym. One day she invited me to a zumba class on Wednesday morning.   At first i said no but she is persistent and can be very persuasive (luckily she uses her powers for good instead of evil) and I went to zumba.

I admit it. I was dead wrong. Zumba is fun. One year in and my haircuts are still crazy and I haven’t had to ask for a single manager, there was that one time but totally justified and I was really nice about it. Zumba is actually a really great workout. I always come away from it super sweaty with feeling that I have actually been “sporting” as the Dutch say. Couple that with the big smile on my face and whats not to like? So, all the people reading this who have done zumba are all face palming screaming DUH!!! at their computers. I know, ya’ll are right and I was wrong. Lets move on!!

First of all I absolutely love zumba music, it’s mixture of many international styles, my favorite being Latin. No matter who you are, zumba is for everyone with any level of dancing skills. Anyone can have fun at zumba, just let go and have some fun! Shake some booty like no one is watching.—–Marta

So into my life walks Monique, not so mach as walk… glides, struts, sashay, strides… something along those lines. She is one of the most captivating people I have ever met. The air around her is energized somehow. It’s difficult to explain, but when you meet these kids of people grab and hold on to them (not in a pervy way, try to be cool about it). She is a personal trainer, Pilates  instructor and zumba instructor. She has studied the

Me and the amazing Monique

human body and her business model is to help people get healthy and get in alignment. I had questions about this at first, because I didn’t understand what it meant, but luckily she was right there to explain that there were no crystals or chanting involved. Basically you can think about posture. Apparently one whole side of my body is shorter than the other (just by a bit, but it’s noticeable in pictures). An average approach to personal training is all “you want to loose weight or increase muscle then do this”  but Monique is trained with a more overall approach. For instance: My right side is shorter, I need to stretch and strengthen the muscles on my right side while I am training my body to bring everything into alignment. It’s a much more whole approach designed to help overall health. I love it. It is much more fine tuned and in touch with individual people.

Over the last year Monique, Marta and I have become close friends.  So when Monique asked us if we would help out with a zumba party we jumped at the chance.

The party was last night and it was so much fun! There were about 25 people there, which is perfect because the hall couldn’t fit any more. We danced for 45 or so minutes and rested outside with a cocktail and danced for around 45 more minutes and had another cocktail and a chat.  I was in charge of the welcome desk and sign in sheet and Marta and I made drinks. My friend Anouk worked the sound and lights. Of course we danced every chance we got!

The admission into the zumba party came with one free cocktail at the break. There were 3 options,  vodka tonic, gin and tonic something called a woowoo. A woowoo is vodca, a splash of peach schnapps, cranberry and tonic. So delicious and so dangerous!

Monique serving up the drinks!

The zumba was great. I went in thinking that I was only going to be Monique’s assistant so I wore a dress but I just couldn’t resist joining in! Luckily I had put sport shorts under my dress or everyone would have gotten a bit of a show (totally more than they bargained for!!).

I can’t wait for the next zumba party (and I can’t wait for Wednesday when I can dance again). I’m totally hooked! My favorite part? Trying to master “sexy”. Seriously! I’ll shake my booty and give “super sexy dancing” all I’ve got but my body doesn’t move that way! Monique does this thing called a body roll. She looks amazing but I look like I’m having a seizure! But if you, my dear reader, take one thing away from this post let it be this: zumba is awesome and don’t let the dancing intimidate you. We all kinda suck. Just have fun.

Want to get in touch with Monique? Of course you do! Her website is undergoing maintenance at the moment but the second that it is up (maybe the day, lets be honest) I will link it here. Or you can message me and I will send you her contact info.

Marta is also the force behind Happy Beets. She does vegan catering and gives talks at food events about healthy vegan lifestyles. Check her out here: Happy Beets


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