Brasserie Ludiek: Veldhoven

I generally avoid going out to eat with the kids because it just isn’t fun. I spend the entire meal trying to keep them calm and entertained so they don’t annoy everyone. Luckily, though, in the Eindhoven area there is no shortage of nice places to eat that have a play space for the kids. Brasserie Ludiek: Veldhoven is a really nice option. Well, now it is. To be honest I always felt it was fine. It was convenient for me as I live very close. It had a small play area. The food was decent. Like I said it was fine. Nothing to complain about but not much to draw me there. I would have lunch there occasionally if I had the kids around. It is very close to the local swimming pool so we would often stop by and I would enjoy a beer while the kids had an ice cream. It’s wasn’t somewhere I would go without the kids and it was never my first choice even with them.

I’m so happy I ventured in last week with my daughter! It was her last day of preschool img_20180705_114842and I wanted to take her out for a girly lunch to celebrate but I didn’t really want to very far. It wasn’t going to be as nice as I would have like but, you know, fine. It has been remolded and now it looks great! Open and modern and cozy feeling. Gezzellig as the Dutch say. It’s a hard one to translate, like a warm and cozy feeling. Things can be gezellig, gatherings, or places can all be described in this way. If you go to a Dutch persons house for any reason, call it gezellig. Instant smile. Your welcome.

img_20180705_130955That got away from me there.

So, back to Ludiek.

New and open. They changed the play area and it’s now a little house with a TV inside. OK, so it’s not the grandest but it works. It’s just inside to the right. Generally the tables just around it are occupied by the parents of the small kids. This is really perfect because the kids aren’t generally having to run through the place.

If you sit to the back you should be able to enjoy your meal or a cup of coffee relatively kid free.  This little area was perfect for my nearly 4 year old but I’m not so sure about my 6 year old, although he does love his TV. Just out the back and across the bike path there is a playground. I could easily sit at the back or on the patio and the kids play outside in the park, no problem. It’s pretty perfect, actually.

The food: This is another great improvement. The menu is really great. There is something vegetarian on nearly every page. I would always get the goat cheese salad but they added a vegetable wrap that was so delicious! Riley had a pancake and they even have cucumber on the menu so, of course, my daughter had to have a side of cucumber. If you aren’t familiar with Dutch pancakes they are more like a crepe. The best way to eat one is to roll it on the plate and cut it into sections. Its like Dutch class today! Perhaps I should add a section on the blog: Culture Shock Dutch Style…. HHHMMMM..

Again, that got away from me there….

Their signature dish is a monster hamburger. I don’t eat meat but I asked the manager if I could take a picture of one for the blog and he agreed. I kinda felt a little weird doing it but it occurred to me that not everyone is a vegetarian (shocker, right!) and that maybe a pic of their signature dish was a good idea. The manager was a really good sport about it all. So was the waitress, I asked to speak to a manager and had to say “everything is great, I’m not going to complain”…. I have worked in horeca (Dutch for service industry) and I know how stressful it is for someone to ask for the manager. Everyone was super nice.

On this particular day we finished our meals and Riley went off to play some more. She was so happy that I drank a beer and read until it was time to walk home and pick up my son at school. It was great!

So check it out. It’s in City Passage, the little mall in the Veldhoven city center. There are img_20180705_114739also some cool shops so have a look around.  This is what it looks like from the outside. There is also plenty of seating here.

The staff is super friendly and everyone I spoke to spoke English with little or no problem. Honestly, I would go there for a lunch or dinner even without the kids. I just can’t get over the change. They did an amazing job!

Some helpful info:

  • This is their website: Brasserie Ludiek
  • This is the address: Meent 36 (city passage), 5501 JK Veldhoven. Like I said it is inside the little mall so park at one of the lots.
  • There is plenty of paid parking around the city center
  • Brarrerie Ludiek is a really great place for people with diet restrictions. The have loads of gluten free and lactose free options. If you have trouble just ask and they will be very willing to answer any questions.



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