Klimbim: Waalre

Klimbim: Waalre is a great little park. It feels very mishmashed but I think that’s why my kids love it so much. It’s like they started with any and all playground equipment they could find and went from there. The stuff ranges from vintage play, to wooden and natural to shiny new. All in one space. It’s really something special.

The main center of the park consists of a sand pit and a tiny house. They have lots of plastic sand toys scattered about so there is no need to pack anything extra. Then there are all the random play equipment. Slides, see saws (whip whap in Dutch) climbing structures, you name it and they have got it. There are also some wooden play houses and climbing structures. These are my favorites. They look slightly old and so well loved. They are great for imagination based play, my kids had a sand ice cream shop there at one time. On the other side at the back there is a super huge climbing structure with tube slides. Like I said, anything and everything.

The best thing about this park is that it feels great to be there. It is a play sanctuary in the middle of the woods. It’s completely fenced in with only one exit so it is really safe and it is tucked away in the forest so you get the feel of nature. They have also kept a lot of trees inside the park so there is plenty of lovely shade. I just love the feeling and the atmosphere.

It is a pay park. It costs one Euro per person. Totally worth it, in my opinion. There are clean toilets, and a fence so I don’t have to worry about the kids wandering off. That’s not so much of a problem now but last summer it was. My kids were 2 1/2 and 5 so I didn’t have to follow them around but I did have to keep track of them. I have reached that amazing period where my kids love parks but are completely free to roam on their own and I know that if they need me they will find me. I can ***GASP*** read a book! Don’t worry, it will happen to you as well. Be patient. Your days of lounging around will come. You will have to continue being a full time snack bitch, that will never end….. but, anyways. We accept our fate as moms.

I will say that unless your super little kid likes playing in the sand, this is not the best img_20180502_171158place for kids who have just started to walk. There isn’t an awful lot for little kids to do. I found that this park was perfect when my kid was crawling because anything was awesome and then again when they were really sure footed and could walk well and maybe even climb a bit. Well, maybe a more fair thing to say is that you will have to follow your kid around all day and watch them get really frustrated. But the sand bit is really nice so maybe your little will love it. Give it a try.

Klimbim is a really nice park and I really recommend it. Even on the hottest of days it is really nice because of all the shade. Check it out, I think you will love it!


Some helpful information:

  • This is their website (sorry it is in English); klimbim
  • This is the address: Eikenlaan 11, 5581 HA Waalre
  • There is some parking but on street free parking all around the park
  • The opening time changes depending on the season. generally spring and summer it is open most days in the afternoon and all day weekends, during summer break it is open all day most days. Make sure you check the website before you head out if you are unsure
  • It is one Euro per person to get in. In my experience there are a group of volunteers sitting at the building to the left and you pay them. Don’t worry, they are super chill old dudes. They may or may not speak much English but they are always nice and friendly. Best to pay them on the way in.
There is totally not wine in the plastic cup 😉


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