Pompoenerie Best

Yesterday my kids and I went to a pumpkin patch in Best. I didn’t know what to expect, honestly. I have never been to a pumpkin patch in the Netherlands. In the US, Texas at least, visiting a pumpkin patch is a must do in the Fall. No Facebook timeline is complete without adorable pictures of your kids sitting on, leaning against or standing among pumpkins. To forgo this yearly tradition will probably get you kicked out of some club, I think.

But they are great. I have fond memories of hay rides pulled by tractors. Bouncy castles. I have an amazing picture of my son when he was around 1 year old sitting inside a sculpture of a pumpkin with the words “my first pumpkin patch ” written on it.

img_20181017_121517This was nothing like that.

It was a yard full of pumpkins.

I was really afraid my kids would be upset and bored but they actually had a great time.  I’m constantly surprised by my kids. They can find fun in just about anything. As long as I stay positive, that is. I learned that a long time ago. The will follow my lead. It helped that there were some crazy looking pumpkins. I have never seen all these shapes! My kids ran around picking them up and giggling at all the shapes. It was great. I realized that it was a bit to early to carve pumpkins for Halloween but I do love some crafting! I told the kids that the could each pick out a pumpkin and we ended up with 11.

You read that right. But they are small ones. I’m not completely crazy!

I also got 2 for eating. One regular pumpkin for soups and such and one spaghetti squash.Yummy.

Pompoenerie Best does have a little cafe that sells drinks as well as homemade pumpkin soup and pie. We didn’t hang out though, so I can’t report back.

When we got home I busted out the paint and we went to work. It was great fun.

So, it wasn’t the pumpkin patch experience of my childhood but the people were super nice and helpful and it was a really fun outing. And the little pumpkins were super img_20181017_142455cheap! Al in all I spent something like 11 Euros.

What’s not to love? The kids got excited about a vegetable. They spent the afternoon being creative.  I get to indulge in cooking so many delicious pumpkin recipes. And, I have adorable painted pumpkins on my table.

Everyone wins!

Some helpful information:

  • This is their website: Pompoeneriebest
  • This is the physical address:  Broekstraat 13, 5684 LW  BEST
  • Bring cash. I didn’t ask if they accept pin but I doubt it. I just kinda assumed.
  • I just parked on the street out front. If that was wrong, they didn’t say anything.
  • Opening times are a bit tricky. They just say “depending on our availability on the website. Go midday and you should be safe.
  • This is only during the fall break

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