The Next Chapter

I have been undecided about the best time to share this, then I decided that the best time is whenever I feel comfortable. Because I don’t really see a “best time”. After many years of marriage my husband and I have decided to go our separate ways. I am getting divorced.

I’m not going to get into the why right now, the simplest way to say it is that we don’t want to be married to each other anymore. Simple. OK, nothing about divorce is simple but you only get one chance at life and it is your obligation to yourself to be as happy as you can be. I won’t be doing any bad mouthing about the ex here either. He is a good dad and a good person. Sure, give me a few glasses of wine and the bitching about the ex will certainly happen but that is a right ex wives have. Lets face it, bitching about the father of your children (divorced or otherwise) with friends over a few glasses of Merlot is as integral to mom life as sweat pants and boxed wine (or is that just me?). And I’ll be willing to bet that all the husbands and ex husbands are bitching about us as well. I am lucky that the kids dad and I have a good working relationship and we both want what is best for the kids. We are sharing custody 50/50. I miss them like crazy when they are with their dad but I know that they are happy and it’s great that they can spend so much time with a daddy who loves them very much.

This process has been pretty horrific. And it is still ongoing, 2 fucking years later. This is due to complications with my Dutch residency and the incredibly lengthy, complicated and expensive process to get it sorted has been rough. You see, we have decided to stay in The Netherlands. We love it here. Despite all my complaining about the weather and the food I think it is an excellent place to live and raise kids. We are in. Watch out Dutchies, We are here to stay!! But this isn’t as easy of a process as I was expecting. This totally deserves it’s own post. I promise that I, very large glass of wine in hand, will write all about the process that has made me want to beat my head against a brick wall. And it’s not even over yet!!

But it’s time to start the next chapter in my life and this blog post feels like the first step.

Life will change but I have to think it’s for the better. I’ve got big plans and big adventures in store. Big changes and big opportunities.

I will still be writing about all the awesome places to take kids in the Netherlands but I will also writing more about my own personal adventures. I will also be sharing a lot on the YouTube channel.

Do you know about the YouTube channel? It’s still pretty new. I am working with the lovely Marta from Happy Beets to bring everyone super easy and delicious vegan meals that the whole family can be happy with. Together we will also vlog our adventures. It will be great fun! If you want to check out what we already have you can find us at Beets on a Mission . See what we did there? She is Happy Beets and am Mommy on a Mission…. Man are we clever!!

So that about wraps it up.

Lets go have an adventure!

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