The Groningen Redemption

For those of you who have been reading my blog for the last few months you know that I have been spending a lot of time in Groningen lately and that, over all, I am not a huge fan. It’s a lovely city with lovely people (although they speak really weird Dutch that is nearly impossible to understand) but they it isn’t very parent friendly. It has great play areas with shit food and nice restaurants with no play areas, and no where seems to sell booze. It’s a recipe for a lot of outings with mildly annoyed parents. But I won’t get into that again, ya’ll have already read my insane rantings about it and if not you can read about it HERE.

corn maze. It seemed like a good idea at the time…

I was very excited to go during the warm months because there seemed to be some super fun stuff to do outside, and I was right. I’m not sure that I should call it a complete redemption (although I thought the title was pretty catchy) because I still haven’t found much worth while as far as indoors but the outside stuff made up for it. We went for 5 nights over the summer and we had a great time. First of all, the area is beautiful. There are tons of huge nature reserves with loads to do. We found lakes, beaches, parks and play grounds. Best of all nearly everything we did was free! I think it was the cheapest vacation ever. Sure, the food available for purchase was still shit but it was enough to keep the kids happy and I had no problem packing my own food. Actually, I kinda wish that there was less shit food on offer because my kids lived off french fries and discovered that they love a good frikandel (for the non-Dutchies out there its a deep fried meat log. Kinda alike a mix of hot dog and meatloaf that has been mushed to nothingness and then deep fried). It’s fine, we were on vacation. I packed fruit and healthy food and they ate french fries and meat logs. At least I could take some healthy stuff to balance out all the fried food. Don’t get me wrong though, I love well made french fries (but I’ll pass on the frikandel).

I highly recommend Griningen for a family holiday in the Netherlands (at least during the summer). The jury is still out on the colder months.

I’ll make a list of all the places we visited and link them to more specific articles soon. I have been so horrible about writing lately that I hope this helps me stay a bit more motivated.

So. where did I miss? What are ya’lls favorite spots in Griningen? Or other areas? I’m updating my list and cold use some ideas!!

Check out those super big rocks behind us! Not just rocks, special, super old, museum about them rocks. Stay Tuned!

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