About Me

My husband and I decided to move half way across the world over the course of a 30 minute television program ( I think it was a rerun of Sienfeld). He no longer had a job in Dallas so we were going to have to move so he could stay with the company he was working for. The company is based out of Veldhoven and we decided that if we were going to have to move we should move somewhere completely different. The plan was to stay for 2 years and travel Europe for a while; this was 8 years ago.
We both fell in love with The Netherlands. The culture, the community, the atmosphere, everything about it was calm and serene. At that time I was heavily overweight and extremely unhealthy.  The biking culture forced me to be more active and the lack of take away’s forced me to cook so I immediately started to loose weight.

Several years later we decided to have our first child. At this point I became incredibly conscious about what I was putting into my body. I decided to get healthy so that I could provide the best for my son. 4 years later I’m fit, active, thin, and healthy without stress, gyms and dieting. I learned that food is fuel for a healthy body and the rest fell into place.

Now that I have had my second child the stress and pressure to be super mom nearly killed me. I couldn’t seem to handle all of the art projects, crafting, cooking, baking and fun with the kids that I wanted to do and still do all the things that I had to do so the house wouldn’t fall apart around me.

This is where Mommy on a Mission came from.

I learned to take control of my life and find simple, sustainable ways to keep everything organized so I could focus my energy on having fun with my kids.

These are some of the ways I have found to stay active, organized and healthy. I hope to share some of the tricks I have picked up along the way so we can bring fun back into our lives!

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