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Blueberry Apple Sauce: Cooking with the Kids

My family and I went blueberry picking last weekend and we ended up picking 3 kilos of blueberries. Since then I have been hard at work using them all! Well, it hasn’t really been work. I have a bit of an obsessive personalty so… Continue Reading “Blueberry Apple Sauce: Cooking with the Kids”

Blueberry Picking: Blauwe Bessenculture Van Grotel, Nuenen

My family loves blueberries. The kids will eat an entire container from the shop in one sitting (these are generally 250 grams or so) and they are quiet expensive. I saw a special at one of the local grocery stores today that advertised 300… Continue Reading “Blueberry Picking: Blauwe Bessenculture Van Grotel, Nuenen”