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Getting the Kids Involved in Cooking Dinner: My New Mission

My husband and I were watching a documentary a few weeks ago and it occurred to me that in my attempt to be highly organized and extremely prepared I was ruining my kids future! Well, not really. But I did make the decision to… Continue Reading “Getting the Kids Involved in Cooking Dinner: My New Mission”

Hallerbos: The Bluebell Forest

  Spring is a magical time in Benelux. In The Netherlands the tulips are the star of spring but everything is in bloom. It seems that everywhere is full of magical colors and wonderful smells. Last year we went to the Kuekenhof and had… Continue Reading “Hallerbos: The Bluebell Forest”

Bosschuur De Meren: Wintelre

My kids love getting really dirty and I love letting them. For me there is no greater sight than my kids covered in mud and exploring nature. This is why I love the Dutch Speelbos so much. It translates to “play forest” and that… Continue Reading “Bosschuur De Meren: Wintelre”

Nederlands Water Museum

I decided after finding out about the Museum Card I would start taking the kids to more museums. This is a really easy thing to do here because there is a whole list of museums labeled “kid proof”. This means that there will be… Continue Reading “Nederlands Water Museum”

Speelbos De Kemmer

I love a good Speelbos ( translated to Play Forest) . These are bits of nature that have something to do for kids. Speelbos De Kemmer has animals carved into the wood around the place for the kids to find. There is also a… Continue Reading “Speelbos De Kemmer”

My Least Favorite Toddler “Games”

I used to get very “sanctimomy” with people who would complain about their toddlers, or their kids in general really. I’m brave enough to admit it. I used to think things like “how can you say such things about your kids? They are a… Continue Reading “My Least Favorite Toddler “Games””

Science Center Nemo, Amsterdam: A Grand Family Day Out

We recently spent a grand family day out at the Science Center Nemo in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This place is truly epic! The building itself is located in Amsterdams Eastern dockland just a short walk for Amsterdam Central (Central Station, this is where all… Continue Reading “Science Center Nemo, Amsterdam: A Grand Family Day Out”

The “trading places” moment that has forever altered how I see my husband

These 2 weeks are Christmas break. My husband, for the last 2 years has taken these 2 weeks off of work and we spend some time as a family. This year I am also able to spend some much needed time with friends. I… Continue Reading “The “trading places” moment that has forever altered how I see my husband”

5 Essential Rules for Surviving Christmas Decorating With Kids

Christmas is a magical time of year. I love having the house decorated and really look forward to putting the tree up every year. My house was always perfect. I lovingly decorated every surface with beautiful twinkly things. Until i had kids. Then everything… Continue Reading “5 Essential Rules for Surviving Christmas Decorating With Kids”